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Doppio Dog Bowl + Tray Set

Doppio Dog Bowl + Tray Set


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The MiaCara Doppio Bowl + Tray Set proves that dog bowls can be combined with tasteful furnishings. Doppio is made of high-quality porcelain and is an eye-catcher in every kitchen with its graduated, soft colors.

The conical bowls designed by the Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co for MiaCara reflect the purist Scandinavian design style and ensure a harmonious play of colors and shapes.

Quality made in Germany: Every Doppio bowl is made in Germany and meets the highest standards of design and workmanship. The heavy porcelain quality ensures that the bowls stand firmly and are dishwasher safe.

A matching tray made of lacquered oak completes the look. 

Dishwasher Safe
Under 5kg
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Bowls: porcelain
Tray: lacquered oak


The porcelain bowls are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

The Doppio tray is made of wood. The color of the surface may therefore change over time. Wood works and can warp. To avoid damage, the tray must not be exposed to high temperature fluctuations, strong sunlight or moisture. To avoid scratches, do not bring the wood into contact with sharp or rough objects.

Please always wipe away water and other liquids as well as wet food on the wooden tray. The surface can be wiped with a soft, slightly damp cloth or treated with a special wood polish. Please do not use harsh cleaning agents.

Bowls: H 6.5 cm / Ø 17.4 cm, capacity: 0.6 l

1.7 kg

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