Sizing Chart - New Jupiter Collar


Please provide a measurement using a measuring tape on your pup in standing or sitting position. The tape should be tight but you can still fit two fingers in the collar when worn. The measurement should not be larger than the head measurement to avoid the collar from slipping out.

* Please do not use the exact neck size measurement, it'll be too tight! Add room as you find suitable.
* Do not use an old measurement or just an existing measurement from your other collars. Our collars are made differently and are slightly thicker than most collars in the market with the woven paracord part.

Please measure your pup at the time of the purchase. If you have a puppy growing up fast, we recommend you to buy a size larger or you can email us for fitting advice.

Please note that the below measurement refers to the exact room that collar can provide and not the actual measurement of your pet's neck. There should be extra room that you are providing for your pet for comfort.

Lambwolf Collective Size
Neck Circumference
30-34 cm
34-38 cm